Teaching more than just piano.

At Walton Music Studio we help young minds to truly feel the power of music. In addition to learning the language of music we are also learning life long lessons such as: time management, goal setting, problem solving, creative thinking, and mathematical skills.

Our goal is to not only give students a love for music, but to teach them how to teach themselves. The true joy of piano comes when the student becomes drawn to the keyboard to master a new piece or create a song of their own. These important skills will benefit them for a lifetime!

Private Lessons

Upon enrollment students will be placed into a specific piano level. They will remain in this level for one year as they progress through repertoire, theory assignments, composition assignments, and piano technique all specific to their skill and ability. 

Private lessons take places 3 times on a month through Skype where the teacher work with the student one on one for thirty minutes. 

Interactive Piano Videos 

Hundreds of videos have been recorded each student to have access to during their weekly practice. These videos remind the student of how the song should sound and help them to learn more quickly. Videos include : 

  • Scales and Technique
  • Theory
  • Repertoire
  • Performance guidance
  • Lesson material 
Quarterly Recitals 

Quarterly group recitals offer both performance and ensemble training and are necessary for developing the total musician. These classes give students an opportunity to meet together through Google Hangouts and perform for one another on a regular basis. Attendance will help build confidence in performing, and help them feel excited about learning new music. Recitals take place quarterly and replace regular lessons during that specific week.


Help them learn life long skills such as time management, goal setting, problem solving, and creative thinking.