Carly Walton 

Carly is a native of Mesa, AZ. She has been playing the piano since she was 7 and has always enjoyed practicing and mastering new pieces. Carly began accompanying for school and church choirs at the age of 12. She started teaching her first students at 16 and knew it would be a lifelong passion. Her love for piano took her to Boston, MA where she studied piano at Berklee College of music. She graduated from Berklee in 2012.  It was here that her love for jazz and pop music developed. She has taught general music and choral music in charter schools and now enjoys teaching piano full time. She has had over 150 private students ranging from ages 5-75 over the past 11 years and loves what she does! 

I believe that learning to play the piano is one of the greatest and most rewarding experiences a person can embark upon. Not only is a student learning music but they are learning self-discipline, hard work, interpretation, time management and so many other invaluable skills. It will not only bless the life of the student but the lives of countless others! It is simply wonderful.