Online lessons take place weekly during assigned lesson time. There are no make-up lessons for missed lessons or cancellations. For full terms and policies read here. The last week of each month will be either a recorded lesson and upload to YouTube or a live online piano recital. Here are instructions for getting started! 

Set- up for online lessons

Students must have a marking pencil and all of their books ready when their lesson begins. 

A laptop or tablet or phone should be set up directly next to the piano at an angle facing the keys. All keys should be in sight and the device should be positioned slightly above the keys. Open the app Skype and add the username carlyjopo. Call me when you are set-up and ready to go. 

Please make sure that other noise in the room or home is at a minimum. It is very difficult during lessons to hear one another when there is a lot of background noise. Headphones are a great solution if you have some with a long cord. 

Using the tablet for assignments and daily practice

Each student has a specific link that was emailed to you and contains all of their weekly assignments. A shortcut to this link should be added to the home screen of their device for easy access. Watch this video on how to create a link if you don't know how! 

It is crucial that students are using these recorded videos during their daily practice. These videos were created with the intent of helping students in-between lessons. They can see and hear the piece instead of waiting for their next lesson to ask questions. 

Recording and uploading to YouTube

Students will be recording and uploading their music to YouTube often. Follow these steps to upload a video. 

  1. Record the student playing their music, this should be in a similar position as during lessons. Songs can be recorded all together or individually 
  2. Download the YouTube App (if you don't already have it)
  3. Login to Gmail through the YouTube app to access your YouTube channel - this can be the parents account or the student account
  4. Click the video icon on the top of the app - choose a video recording of your choice 
  5. Enter a title and any other details, if you don't want the song to go "public" then select unlisted 
  6. Upload and email the link to your teacher!