Piano Assignment - Lexie Cardine

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Date: 11/15/17 - You are so cute and awesome Lexie, I just love teaching you. Hope you feel better this week and get some time to practice :) 

Technique - Ab major chart  - 

Theory - pg 38-39

3A Performance - 

3A Lesson - Cossack Ride 

FunTime Piano Christmas - Let it Snow & The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Choose one to start memorizing this week. They are sounding awesome! 

Carol of The Bells - Start First page 




Date: 9/13/17 

Technique - B major - you're doing great with these! Remember to keep everything diatonic 

Theory - 32-33

3A Lesson - Sakura 

3A Performance - Carnival of Venice

Disney - Reflection - faster and smoother 


Date: 8/9/17 

Technique - A major 

Theory - 27-29 

Lesson - Turkish March 

Performance - Presto 

Disney - Reflection - learn pages 1-2 this week. Thanks Lexie! 

Date: 5/17/ 2017

Technique - A major 2 octaves scales 

Theory: pg. 26-27 

Level 3A lesson- Canoeing in the moonlight

Level 3A Performance book - Presto 3rd movement! 

FANTASTIC JOB AT THE RECITAL LEXIE! I've been so impressed with how much you've progressed this year!!