Piano Assignment - Ella Goodman


Level 4 - 3&4 octave B major 

Theory -  60 - 61 Review test 

Masterpieces with Flair book 1 - German Dance in E Major, pass off next week 

Disney - Let it Go 

YOUTUBE recording - Beauty and the Beast, German Dance in E Major 


8/21 /17

Next lesson is a recording lesson- Record Prelude in C and Harry Potter and upload to YouTube. We will be doing this throughout the year so you have a library of songs you've finished to share with friends and family! Don't skip this :) 

Technique level 2- F# major  - 

Theory - 46-47 

Masterpieces with Flair book 1 - Bagatelle

Disney's Up - Pg 1-2

Harry Potter - Finished next week