Piano Assignment - Bruce Raymond



2 octave scales 

Theory- next two pages this week 


Christmas - Dance of the reed pipes 



A Minor Scales - new this week 

Theory- next two pages this week 

Hymn-  choosing a new one 

Disney - I'm Late 

Feed the Birds - Great! Will be fantastic in the recital!

Nola - focus on the first page only 



Eb Minor Scales 


Hymn- True To The Faith 

The Exodus Song - Memorized for the recital. 

Bumble Boogie - Add pages 



Ab minor

Theory- add on the next two pages this week. 

Hymn- Now Let us Rejoice pg. 3 

The Exodus Song - Playing at our online recital at the end of the month! keep working on the timing for this one whenever it says tempo 1 

Bumble Boogie - Don't add any new sections. Pages 6-9 need fixed with the rhythm, make sure you're resting long enough.